The Australian Sentinel Practices Research Network (ASPREN) is a network of sentinel general practitioners and nurse practitioners who report de-identified information on Influenza like illness and other conditions seen in general practice. Initially developed by the RACGP in 1991, ASPREN is currently funded by the Commonwealth's Department of Health and directed through the Discipline of General Practice at The University of Adelaide. ASPREN data is used for infectious disease surveillance by State and Commonwealth Departments of Health and general practice research, including providing annual vaccine effectiveness estimates to the Global Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness Movement and data to the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza. It is a key part of pandemic preparedness for Australia

ASPREN reporters electronically submit de-identified patient data on influenza like illness (ILI) on an ongoing basis and may also choose to collect information on other conditions. Participating GPs are eligible for RACGP or ACRRM CPD points by participating in syndromic data collection and virological surveillance. Both individuals and practices are welcome to be part of ASPREN.

We gratefully thank our reporters for being part of a network of Australian and International public health surveillance professionals.

Professor Nigel Stocks
Director, ASPREN
Head, Discipline of General Practice
School of Population Health and Clinical Practice
The University of Adelaide

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ASPREN Update 12 2024
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Registration of Interest

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To register your interest, please complete our registration form, or contact the ASPREN coordinator, tel: (08) 8313 3463 or fax 08 8313 3511.

To view our website, please go to www.aspren.com.au.

Syndromic Surveillance Results

ASPREN Reporter Acknowledgements

ASPREN would like to acknowledge its members (in alphabetical order), for their continuous efforts and contribution, which without ASPREN would not be possible:

Dr Gabriel Adeniyi
Dr Mervat Akladious
Dr David Allan
Dr Bathiya Alwis-Jayasinghe
Dr Mary Ambrose
Dr Helen Anstey
Dr Maurice Asz
Dr Shiranthi Atapattu
Dr Jane Atkinson
Dr Toby Bell
Dr Amanda Bentel
Dr Ian Bentley
Dr Jim Berryman
Dr Mones Beshara
Dr Julie Beuth
Dr Ross Bills
Dr Hilary Bower
Dr Mary Bower-Williams
Dr Colleen Bradford
Dr James Bridge
Dr Amanda Brooks
Dr Franciscus Brotohusodo
Dr Helen Brough
Ms Leisha Brown
Dr Lynda Brown
Dr Paresh Budhia
Dr Zoe Burgman
Dr Lacramioara Burlacu
Dr Joanne Burrough
Dr Greg Caddy
Dr Mary Cameron
Dr Kristy Cantley
Dr Michael Cao
Dr Leeann Carr-Brown
Dr Jack Chang
Dr Bernard Chapman
Dr Mark Charteris
Dr Sarah Chaudry
Dr Jayaguhan Chelladurai
Dr James Chesworth
Dr Edward Cheuk
Dr Tuck Meng Chin
Dr Alice Choi
Dr Min Li Chong
Dr Ashok Chotai
Dr Ian Churchward
Dr Deborah Cohen-Jones
Dr Mark Colbridge
Dr Justin Cumberbatch
Dr Bianca Davidde
Dr Santanu Dhall
Dr Colin Dolling
Dr Nigel Dormer
Dr Craig Drummond
Dr John Eccles
Dr Mark Edelman
Dr Daniel Edge
Dr Bradley Elliott
Dr Joy Enwere
Dr Jillian Ewing
Dr Jenny Fay
Dr Louise Fisher
Dr Georgina Flanagan
Dr Izaac Flanagan
Dr Mark Flynn
Dr David Foley
Dr Simon French
Dr Jane Fuller
Dr Rajnish Garg
Dr Michael Gendy
Dr Jancy George
Dr John George
Dr Adam Geschwind
Dr Bronwyn Gould
Dr Charles Grace
Dr Kay Griffiths
Dr Martyn Griffiths
Dr Chelsea Guymer
Dr Lynette Hall
Dr Merelie Hall
Dr Geoffrey Hansen
Dr Mark Harding
Dr Lenn Harris
Dr Abby Harwood
Dr Vladimir Hasa
Dr Gehad Hassanein
Dr David Heazlewood
Dr Aparna Hegde
Dr Stephan Hellmuth
Dr Stephen Hindley
Dr Sandra Hirowatari
Dr Anthony Hodge
Dr Sandra Hornsey
Dr Glynn Hughes
Dr Sarah Hurley
Dr Richard Hurst
Dr Anu Jagathesan
Ms Susan Jamieson
Dr Neelakumari Jayaguhan
Dr Pradeep Jayasuriya
Dr Maria Jelinek
Dr Olateju Jinadu
Dr Leanne Jones
Dr Wojciech Kaczmarek
Dr Eric Khong
Dr Anne Khouri
Dr Andrew Krzyszton
Dr Brian Kurrle
Dr Peter Lake
Dr Nicodemus Lauw
Dr Mark Lawry
Dr Alan Leeb
Dr Nicole Leotta
Dr Alan Leung
Dr Tim Lickiss
Dr Lionel Lim
Dr Michael Ling
Dr Zinnia Lo
Dr Simon Lockwood
Dr Manmit Madan
Dr Cariappa Madappa
Ms Alicia Mah
Dr Gareth Mann
Dr Delia Manning
Dr Cate Mansfield
Dr Jonathan Markey
Dr Ian Marshall
Dr Jason Martin
Dr Kathryn Martin
Dr Ray Martin
Dr Wayne Martin
Dr Clare Matthews
Dr James Maung
Dr Fay Mayo
Dr Susan Mcdonald
Dr Cheryl McIntyre
Dr Carrie McKenzie
Dr Anthony McLellan
Dr Stephen McNally
Dr Ewen McPhee
Dr Peter Meyer
Dr Thais Miles
Dr Fiona Millard
Dr John Miller
Ms Kathryn Mitchell
Dr Shobha Mokala
Dr Henry Monkus
Dr Nicole Montana
Dr Mark Morgan
Dr Vinod Nambiar
Dr Chris Newall
Dr Ross Newbery
Dr Darren Ng
Dr Gavin Nichols
Dr Anthony Nigro
Dr Tore Nordland
Dr Lulama Ntloko
Dr Mirielsa Nufable-Ruiz
Dr Olatunji Ogunmefun
Dr Timothy O'Keeffe
Dr Say Gark Ong
Dr Gramae Pagel
Dr Bryan Palmer
Dr Kerri Parker
Dr Mik Parola
Dr Dani Partoredjo
Dr Paul Paterson
Dr Kim Pedlow
Dr Michael Phipps
Dr Terry Pitsikas
Dr Emilie Pitter
Dr William Poh
Dr Lorenzo Ponte
Dr Denise Powell
Dr Mark Pulley
Dr Gerard Quigley
Dr Sarah Qureshi
Dr Fiona Raciti
Dr Sunil Rajan
Dr Peter Razvan
Dr Andrew Reedy
Dr Roslyn Rice
Dr Caroline Robson
Dr Elaine Rodgers
Dr Michelle Rooke
Dr Rimi Roper
Dr Lisa Rourke
Dr Paul Ryan
Dr Vineet Sahai
Dr Gervin Samarawickrama
Dr Aileen Sarito
Dr George Sayegh
Dr James Scattini
Dr John Schibeci
Dr Susan Schlicht
Dr Gerald Segal
Dr Roquelle Semrani
Dr Zahid Shaheen
Dr Catherine Shannon
Dr Victor Shawpan
Dr Archana Shinde
Dr Lay Cheng Sia
Dr Todd Silbert
Dr Sherine Silva
Dr Harpreet Singh
Dr Fiona Sluchniak
Dr Andrew Smith
Dr David Smith
Dr Peter Spafford
Dr Jane Spencer
Dr Peter Stephenson
Dr Lynette Stoltze
Dr Margaret Tait
Dr Mahbub Talukder
Dr Chung Tan
Dr Peck Tang
Dr Sarat Tata
Dr Martyn Thomas
Dr Elizabeth Ting
Dr Michael Tooth
Dr Nick Toufexis
Dr Kym Trigg
Dr Yasmin Trinidad
Dr Christopher Tuttle
Dr Carol Valdez
Dr Eric Van der List
Dr Simon Vanlint
Dr Joyce Voon
Dr Sophie Walenczykiewicz
Dr Gary Ward
Dr Melanie Waters
Dr Peter Webster
Dr Jenny Weekes
Dr Georgina Whiting
Dr Thushanthi Wijeratne
Dr Helen Williams
Dr Susan Willis
Dr Adam Wilson
Dr Don Wilton
Dr Timothy Wood
Dr Lesley Woodard-Knight
Dr Jennie Wright
Dr Yanxia Wu
Dr Ban Yacoub
Dr Kevin Yeoh
Dr Kim Yeoh
Dr Kathrin Zeleny